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The politics surrounding the cleaner

3 Jan

So…yes I fess up, I have a cleaner and yes my Nan wouldn’t have approved. In  her (now dead) eyes no one cleans your house as well as you do. In fairness, she’s right as I’m a bit of a finicky bitch when it comes to matters of the duster. I have real umbrage with kitchens and bathrooms in particular. Par example, I really don’t need to be checking out dried yellow piss stains on your toilet seat boys when I really need to sit down for a pee..This is usually after a few drinks when my legs aren’t stable enough to do the hover..

Anyway, with a cleaner comes cleaner politics and cleaner etiquette…(and a bit of a working class mental block in my case when it comes to folks cleaning up after me). I am THAT individual who tidies up before the cleaner comes over. I also strip the bed so that she doesn’t have to. My cleaner tells me that certain people that she cleans for leave their scutty undies around for her to pick up. Can you imagine?! Madness, I’d hate for someone to have to deal with my dirty undies. Not that there is anything wrong with my undies you understand, they’re very nice undies as it goes but I’d rather deal with them in my own time and space. I often wonder how long it takes famous people to let their undie management be taken over by a housekeeper or someone similar?

I do have one reoccurring issue with the cleaner though (and it’s a strange one).Every time she arrives I get the sudden urge to crap. Trust me, you get crap stage fright when the cleaner is hoovering right outside the bathroom door.Not good.


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