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“Wiggy doesn’t love me and my Mum’s a bitch”

13 Jan

David Bowie turned 66 on January the 8th and various people commented on the fact that the Starman had shaped their teenage years. This got me thinking about our teenage selves v’s our adult selves.  What shapes our lives? What do we learn along the way? I personally wish I could tell my younger self that my older self wouldn’t give a shit about 90% of the “stuff” I was stressing about back in the day. Cue a foray into my old diaries….

“Mum says I can’t go out, Oh my God, what a bitch, why does she always ground me at the wrong time???? I HAVE to go into town to see Wiggy. I think I’ll ALWAYS love him. I don’t think he feels the same though”
Wiggy was the object of my affection.This was because he bore a very slight resemblance to Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine with a touch of Andrew McCarthy of Pretty in Pink fame thrown in.
Advice to younger self :  Mum did you a favour. When I met up with Wiggy a good few years later the only thing he bore a resemblance to was an ageing geography teacher. Trust me kids, the object of your teenage love ain’t the person you’re going to end up with.
“English literature unseen paper. Load of crap about a woman who had cheated on her husband and a seagull had come to seek revenge on her. I wouldn’t mind but a fucking seagull?! Am trying to revise history at the moment but it ‘s just not working”  
Advice to younger self : English literature papers don’t really shape your life. The fact you studied “To Kill a Mockingbird ” doesn’t mean you are going to end up being a Barrister. Regarding revision,  just get on with it as it’s a damn sight easier than work.
I’ve  decided I’m going to start asking myself a question before I have a full on pissy fit about events in my life. That question being ” Will I give a shit about this in ten years time?” If the answer is no then it can just go and do one. If it’s a yes then it’s hopefully nothing that a good bottle of Malbec, maybe a fag and a gossip with a mate can’t sort out.

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